Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) Substance Abuse Treatment


The EMRC Intensive Outpatient Services Program is dedicated to providing compassionate care and competent treatment to persons seeking to recover from opioid addiction. The program utilizes empirically-based and clinical best practices to help individuals reduce behaviors and thoughts that sustain addiction; to learn healthy habits and coping mechanisms; to help their families and communities heal; and to empower their minds with the beliefs and tools to have healthier, happier, and more productive lives.


The EMRC Intensive Outpatient Services Program provides community-based and traditional on-site recovery services to measurably reduce relapse rates, increase lengths of sobriety, and sustain recovery.

Through a multidisciplinary service plan, our program addresses the needs of the whole person – physical, psychological, social, and spiritual.

Our foundational treatment goals are to:

  • Provide a structured, caring, and therapeutic environment for persons seeking to overcome addiction.
  • Empower clients to believe positively in themselves and their future.
  • Reduce and resolve addiction and parallel addictive behaviors.
  • Address the impact of co-occurring mental health diagnoses on recovery.
  • Address the mental and emotional factors that trigger or sustain addictive behaviors.
  • Help clients identify, challenge, and modify unhealthy thoughts and beliefs.
  • Help clients recognize personal strengths and problem areas.
  • Help clients develop and improve their use of healthy coping skills and problem solving.
  • Help heal the relationships and family communications of persons with addictive histories.